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Guitar:- 6 string Ovation & 12 string Fender both semi-acoustic

Bodhran:- 17" Roddy Turner



    • Main performance drum is a 16" RWE Lambeg by Christian Hedwichak
    • A 16" double skin drum, also by Christian
    • An 18" traditional bodhran, non adjustable made by Ian Campbell on the Black Isle in Scotland now used as a meditation drum.
    • 18" Roddy Turner bodhran, used as a visualising drum
    • A 13" Deep custom progressive drum by Ian Campbell.
    • A 12" Rawhide Native American Hand drum and lots more.

Alan has just launched the unique 'Gatling' series of bodhran beaters and his own excellent drums at

Contact him directly on:-


Electric Bass:- 4 string Fender Standard Precision Bass

Double Bass:- Stagg Ebb




Mandolin:- Hand made by Joe Foley (Dublin) & purpose built for Irish music. Tuned GDAE

Guitar:- 6 string semi acoustic Yamaha

Banjo:- 17 fret Deering Irish Tenor tuned CGDA

Harmonica:- Swan & Hohner C-D-G tremolo

Whistles:- Susato C , D, low G and Kerry Optima Low D

Sound System

Amp:- Yamaha EMX 5016cf 1000 w powered mixer

Speakers:- Peavy & Brook

Mics:- Sure

DI units:- Behringer

Pedals:- Zoom, Fisher, Boss & seymour Duncan double back compresssor

Cables:- Loads of the damn things that get everywhere

We have played everywhere

Now... while listening to some of the music we make we only ask that you treat the mistakes in our playing as you would the creases in auld leather.... Thanks