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My Darlin' Asleep Tripping up the stairs Donneybrook Fair
Timmy Cliffords Trippers jig Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
Morrison's Jig The Kesh Jig The bush on the hill
The Battering Ram Out on the Ocean The Kilfenora Sexy Jig
Irish Washerwoman Cock O' the North Lark in the morning
Old hag you have killed me The Lark in the Strand Phuis Fluich
The Dog in the Bush The Pirates Jig Banish Misfortune
Hole in the hedge The Cliffs of Moher Saddle the Pony
The Mug of Ale Sport of a Nervous Man

We have played everywhere

Now... while listening to some of the music we make we only ask that you treat the mistakes in our playing as you would the creases in auld leather.... Thanks