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The WeeBag Band consist of 5 musicians Paul Bassom, Rory McGough,Steve Owen, Alan Colinson & Julian Anderson. From time to time they have the odd (sometimes very odd) musician join them.

Paul & Rory met in back in 1993 and as both of them have a keen interest in music they soon hit it off. Problem was that at that time Rory was based in Denbigh while Paul was based in London. In 1998 Paul moved up to Denbigh allowing them more time to develop their musical style. Since 2001 they have been playing in pubs & clubs in and around North Wales. Wanting to create a more dynamic sound Mark & Alan joined in 2003.

With the introduction of Jules the Fiddle in 2007, Steve replacing Mark on the bass in 2011 and Jim the Flute & Terry the Whistle joining us from time to time, the band were often seen out & about as a 5 & 6 piece and capable of delivering the dynamic and energetic sound that is unique to Irish Music.

Oh.! and the name.......? Well lets just say we were under the influence of something a tad iffy when we came up with that one and were stuck with it now...!!!

Click here to view a news item that ITV did about us.

Paul - on the strummy thing

A keen guitarist from the year dot Paul taught himself to play Guitar and played with a few bands on the London pub scene. Playing anything from jazz to pop and rock to folk........ He just lives for ...

Rory - on the picky thing

Born of Irish Parents, Rory spent most of his formative years in Ireland surrounded by music. His grandmother taught the Luxembourg Royal Family piano while his mother became an accomplished Pianist. ...

Alan - on the boomy thing

A cartographer by day and a Bodhran Tutor by night. The percussionist of the band, Alan, possesses no less than 15 drums and 50 tippers (sticks). As one of the U.K.'s leading bodhran tutors Alan's ski ...

Steve - on the bassy thing

A printer by day and a very versatile bass player by night you will find Steve playing and experimenting with both the electric & double bass. Steve has a diverse taste in music. When he is not pl ...

Jules - on the scratchy thing

When not restoring classic cars or flying his glider over the Clwydian Vale Jules will always be found within arms reach of his beloved fiddle. A passionate exponent of Irish music and always wanting ...

Wee Bag Band

Telephone: 07860 435993 

or 01745 550126




We have played everywhere

Now... while listening to some of the music we make we only ask that you treat the mistakes in our playing as you would the creases in auld leather.... Thanks