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Well hello & welcome to The Wee Bag Band site

We are 5 eejits that bring trad, popular and modern toe tappin' diddly, diddly Irish music & songs to pubs, clubs, doos 'n festivals to North Wales, Cheshire, Infinity & beyond.......

Lookin' for a ceilidh and /or Irish Dancers...? Then we have a couple of callers & dancers if required.

(Technical Note:- This site is best viewed with yer bleedin' eyes wide open )
Phone / Text :- + 44 7860 435993

e-mail:- or

Also available to play at:-

Weddings, Divorces, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Baptisms, Funerals, Prize giving's, Shindigs, Hoedowns, Investitures, Crowning ceremonies,

Druid gatherings, Weight watchers, Strikes, Riots, Bar-B-Q's, Garden Party's, Hen Parties, Raiding Parties, Uprisings, Coups, Hunger strikes

Boat launches, Business Launches, Rocket launches, Liquidations, Banishments, Covens, Any form of Doo, End of the World gatherings, Ordinations,

Excommunications', Bar Mitzvahs, Circumcisions, Trolley dashes, Silent retreats, Gender reassignments, Pig picklings, Cow tippings, Mule Muffings

Letter openings, Scrotum Scratchings and many more ....

"No festival in Conwy would be complete without dancing in the streets. This was provided courtesy of the WeeBag Band who played their irresistible brand of acoustic Irish music." Conwy Feast Food Festival

"Fantastic - great music and great blokes !"

".....they played one set outside which was superb but nothing compared to inside. The whole place just went off!!!"
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traditional celtic music
A North Wales Irish Band

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